Dec2015 – WeStandByChennai – Phase 1 – Cuddalore

‪#‎WeStandByChennai Initiative- ‬ Our Family, friends and Kovaion associates ‪#‎Kovaion‬ together successfully completed Phase-1 on 5th Dec 2015. Mohana Priya Venkatachalam, Nanda Kumar, Srinivasan C, Mahendran, Mohankumar, Veeramani nd team successfully delivered the flood relief packages at Cuddalore. The team faced some safety issues. There were some road blocks and banging on doors, windows as people are really frustrated and desperate to get food and water. Looks like the mob management and distribution was a very big challenge. The whole team is safe and are on their way back to Salem, TN.

Dr. Sharmila Personal Assistant of cuddalore collector directed our team to the village Karaikadu, Cuddalore..where things were distributed with Village Administrative Officer (VAO)’s assistance.

Items delivered:
Home prepared Tamarind rice, Lemon rice by hired cooks, packaged and sealed.
Bread – 700 packets
Water 300ml – 1000 bottles
Water 500ml – 1000 bottles
Parle G biscuits – 500 packets
Sunfeast cashew biscuits – 1150 packets
Soap – 300
Odomos mosquito repellant creams – 1140
VVD oil pouch – 2000
Candles – 2000
Match boxes – 500
Milk powder – 100 kgs
Milk powder packets – 2000
Parle G – 1220
Sun feast – 1500
Britannia milk rusk – 700
Whisper – 700
Pampers small – 200
Pampers medium – 200
Milk powder – 150 kgs
Jandu balm – 300
Lion Jam – 1200
Milk bikis biscuits – 1000

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