Mar22 – Light in the Darkness


Give light and people will find the way.” – Ella Baker.

As a part of the community development of APJ Abdul Kalam Nagar IRULAS village, we donated solar lights through Paalam Trust ( for 25 homes in this village.

Families living in APJ Abdul Kalam Nagar (IRULAS village) do not have access to electricity. This makes it difficult to carry on their ordinary chores in the evening, and school children face challenges in studying.

The solar lights are charged by ordinary sunlight or battery and provide continuous illumination for at least 14 hours every day. As a result, family members will be able to continue their household chores after the evening while school children will be able to study.

Thank you so much Mahalakshmi K and Mahendran Subramaniam for bringing light into the lives of families and their children. Thank you so much Agnes Amudha for providing the opportunity to contribute to the community’s growth.

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