Trust Objective


  1. Advancement and propagation of education and learning including establishment, maintenance and support of schools, colleges, pathasalas and other educational institutions, auditoriums, professorship, lectureship, scholarship and prizes etc.,
  2. To empower the computer knowledge among rural and poor people by providing computer equipments and basic/advanced computer training.
  3. To make provision to advance the cause of and Impart Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Higher, Commercial, Industrial, Technical, Physical, all or any other type or kind of education, and School or Institution for poor, physically and or mentally retarded.
  4. Advancement of any other object of general public utility and relief like conducting seminars on educational advancement, providing necessary assistance during natural calamities and such other assistance as may be required from time to time.
  5. Advancement and propagation of education and learning including establishment, maintenance and support of schools, colleges, student’s hostels, educational institutions, old age homes and working women’s hostel.
  6. To establish, maintain, takeover, manage, administer or run any School, Colleges, Hospitals, institutions, creche etc., engaged in the imparting of education to students up to any level that may be found necessary and/or desirable.
  7. To generally impart education to children and for the purpose to do all acts that may be necessary.
  8. To conduct tuition and coaching classes for the student.
  9. To establish, run, manage, and administer any institutions or college or school to train persons to be teachers who will impart education to children and/or students in schools colleges and other similar institutions.
  10. To establish, run, manage, administer hospitals, diagnostic centers, blood banks, medical shops etc.,
  11. To promote adult education.
  12. To hold, arrange, and organize meetings, lectures, talks, discussions, seminars, symposia, conference, competitions, research and study visits, tours, excursions, exhibitions, debates, cinema, Audio-Visual Programmes, the artistic performance and other cultural, sports and games.
  13. Establishment, maintenance and support of Libraries, museums and reading rooms and distribution of books etc., for advancement of education and knowledge in general.
  14. To provide and meet all expenses of the school and other educational institution.
  15. Creating facilities of working in co-ordination, collaboration and cooperation with other institutions or colleges, funds, bodies or authorities constituted or funded for purposes similar to this Trust,
  16. To institute studentships, scholarships, stipends, medals, prizes etc., to help and encourage deserving students and to provide monetary aid to students, scholars and teachers for pursuing their education.
  17. To establish, maintain, develop and donate for the establishment, maintenance and development of books banks and libraries.
  18. To invest, dispose of, transfer and otherwise deal with the subject matter of the Trust in such manner as the Trustees should deem fit so as to enable the society to carry on the objects of the Trust effectively.
  19. To invite, receive any voluntary contributions from any person or persons either by way of donations or annual or other subscriptions or grants or presents or legacy and other offerings and to deal with the same for the benefit of the hereby constituted.
  20. To bring out, encourage and develop the inventive and research facilities and to afford opportunities for research work in art, scientific and industrial undertakings.
  21. To charge fees and otherwise recoup themselves for the outlay and expenses incurred in the upkeep and maintenance of institutions established or about or to be established under this Deed.


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