Aug 2017 – Tree Plantation Drive in Chennai

05 Aug 2017

Kovaion Trust along with the volunteers successfully conducted a tree plantation drive on 5th August 2017, Saturday at Pathipaga Chemmal K. Ganapathy Govt Higher Secondary School, Kodambakkam, Chennai.

Interview with Mr. Mohan Selvam, Physical Director of the school:

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We would like to thank Mrs. R. Thamilarasi, Headmistress of the School, Mr. Mohan Selvam, Physical Director of the school, 35 NSS students of the school and 16 volunteers from Kovaion Consulting for their extended support in conducting this event.

Pictures of the school campus before plantation:

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Kovaion Trust volunteers of 16 members along with 35 NSS students of PCKG School planted 10 herbal plants, 10 medicinal plants, 40 crotons, 300 vegetable saplings and 10 tree saplings in the school campus. Below listed are the varieties of the plants and tree saplings that were planted:

Medicinal Plants – Noochi, Curry Leaves, Tulasi, Thooduvalai, Justicia Adhatoda

Herbal Plants – Lemon Grass, Ashoka, Black Pepper, Kandakathiri, Insulin

Tree SaplingsNeem and Pungai

Vegetable Saplings – Brinjal, Tomato, Chilly

Along with above listed plants, tree saplings, vegetable saplings, vermi compost, red soil and plant pots were purchased from Farm Science Centre of Indian Council of Agricultural Research located in Kattupakkam, Chennai.

The aim of this drive was to plant useful plants and tree saplings that benefits the school and the students in several ways. Below listed are some of the major benefits:

  • Trees would give cool shadow in the summers, alienate insects, flies, and mosquitoes in rains and provide medicinal air and care in the winters.
  • Herbal and Medicinal plants would help to detoxify the air, keep insects and mosquitoes at bay and would come handy in case of emergency.
  •  Vegetable Garden can teach children about soil, nutrition, science and life cycles of the vegetables and the creatures attracted to the garden.
  • Vegetables produced from the garden will be used in the School Kitchen in the lunch preparation for the students.

The drive started at 6.00 am and ended at 12.30 pm. All the volunteers cleaned the land and planted the saplings. In this drive, NSS students were taught on the plantation procedures, plant maintenance, uses of Vermi Compost and red soil measures.

During the break time, Hot drinks and breakfast were provided to all the participants in the event. Students and Volunteers had interactive sessions where students were excited to know more about each and every kind of plant that was planted.

Picture of the school campus during & after plantation:

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