Sep 2017 – Sports Day in Govt. School, Bangalore

30 Aug 2017,

Kovaion Trust conducted Sports Day for Grade 1 to Grade 5 classes in Sri Yogeshwarananda English Primary and High School (a Govt Aided school), Ulsoor- Bangalore on 30th Aug 2017. The school never had a sports day before. The school was very happy to have Kovaion Trust to sponsor & organise the sports day event for their kids.

The main objectives of this event were:

  1. Allow students to develop psycho-motor skills and fine-tune motor skills with coordination, movement, strength, dexterity, grace, and speed.
  2. Instill discipline among students.
  3. Teach the value of sportsmanship. The ability to accept defeat gracefully is a sign of maturity and a requisite skill for success. The ability to bounce back strong from a fall will able students to experience personal triumph and immense joy.
  4. Encourage healthy competition among participants.
  5. Teach students to shine under pressure and to cope with nerves or performance anxiety.

Preliminary rounds for the events were conducted on 19th Aug 2017 in the school. Finals were conducted on 30th Aug from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. Below are the list of events conducted:

  • Frog Race for Grade 1 Boys, where the participants should hop like a frog to reach the finish line.
  • Potato race for Grade 1 Girls, where 4 circles were drawn and one stone was placed inside each circle. Participants should collect the stones from each circle and reach the finish line.
  • Jump race for Grade 2 Boys, where participants should jump holding their hips to reach the finish line.
  • Hoop race for Grade 2 Girls , where 4 hoop rings were provided to the participants. They should move their arms and shoulders to make the hoop travel over their heads and through their legs and then run towards the finish line.
  • 50 Meters Race for Grade 3 Boys, where participants should run 50 meters to reach the finish line.
  • Skipping Race for Grade 3 Girls, where participants should jump over the skipping rope and reach the finish line.
  • One leg race for Grade 4 Boys, where participants had to hop with one leg and reach the finish line.
  • Lemon & Spoon Race for Grade 4 Girls, where participants should hold a spoon with lemon in their and run/walk to reach the finish line.
  • Sack Race for Grade 5 Boys, where participants place both of their legs inside a sack that reaches their waist or neck and hop forward from a starting point toward a finish line.
  • Needle & Thread Race for Grade 5 Girls, where participants should insert the thread into the needle and reach the finish line.

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6 volunteers from Kovaion Consulting, Bangalore helped Kovaion Trust in conducting the event successfully. After all the competitions were over, the prizes were distributed to the winners by Ms.Prasanna Krishnan- Practice IT Manager, Kovaion Consulting, Bangalore and by the Principal of the school Mrs. Sumathi. 30 trophies and certifications in total was distributed to the winners.